15-20 national and international congresses are organized every year at the Congress Hall and more than 100 performances, among which also some of the important concerts of the Martha Argherich Project and the more that 200 public and private meetings and conferences. Most of our guests (both event organizers and participants) after their first time here often decide to come back, much appreciating the beauty of the territory, the mild climate and the warm people.


ICML – International Conference on Malignant Lymphomas

Ever since its first edition in 1981, the International Conference on Malignant Lymphomas has been carried out at Lugano’s Congress Hall in close collaboration with the management of the Tourism and Events’ Department of the City of Lugano. Participation has greatly grown from 300 participants in 1981 to the over 3000 doctors, oncologists and research workers of today. Thus, edition after edition, the changes that we’ve had to deal with both from the point of view of the services requested and of the logistic and technical aspect have been many and highly complex.
Just think that in 1981 telephone booths were the only way of communicating with the outside world, while in the 2013 edition, the internet connection service, which had been enhanced for the occasion, recorded almost 8000 users all at the same time!
Since the 2002 edition, attendance has been so high that it has become necessary to build a tensile structure outside the Congress Hall, to which the scientific sessions that are held inside the Congress Hall may be video-transmitted.
Due to this on-going challenge, the Conference’s Organizational Secretariat has been effectively assisted by the Congress Hall’s management and staff, who has had to learn to adapt to this highly demanding event. It is only thanks to this excellent collaboration, that the Congress Hall has been able to cope with and overcome the structure’s objective limitations in terms of capacity so that the Conference could continue to be organized in Lugano.